Signs of Rich Single Men looking for Serious Relationship But Not Sugar Daddy Dating?


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In 2017, Business Insider published a story about sugar babies and in response to that story, a sugar daddy decided to share his experience about it and explained how he has been dating the same sugar baby for 3 years. Although the perception of sugar daddy dating is changing, there is still a stigma around it. That's why there are women who are in search of rich single men who are looking for serious relationship but not sugar daddy dating.


Rich Single Men Bring Up Conversations about Your Future as a Couple

Is these rich men making long-term plans with you? Does he tell you about how it is going to be between you two in the future? If he talks about going to trips together or tries to include you in his future plans, there are chances that he is looking for a serious relationship. If he is excited about what the future will bring or eagerly discusses the future with you, this means that he is more serious about you and your relationship.

He is Totally Honest with You


This is one of the top signs that he wants a serious relationship. Men are really reluctant to open up to women. However, they do open up when they feel like they can trust them. If he likes you, he will be more honest with you and share everything with you. If he is not hiding anything from you and tells you things about his past/present without you even asking about them, it is an indicator that he fully trusts you and feels comfortable around you.


He Listens To You


If his main purpose behind being around you is to get pleasure or enjoy female company, there are high chances that he is not looking for a relationship. However, if these rich single men listen to what you say and pays close attention to your conversations, this means he is trying to tell you that you are more than just a ‘date’ for him. It is a clear sign that he wants a serious relationship if he listens to what you say. After all, men are actually not really good at it, so it becomes quite obvious.


He Respects You


Ladies understand that respect is really underrated. If he treats you with respect, you should feel really lucky and happy. Giving respect means that he thinks highly of you and wants to give you the respect you deserve. Giving respect is all about how he listens to you, treats you, values your opinions, or acknowledges when he’s wrong.


He Gives You a Key to His Place


You can take this sign both literally and figuratively. After all, he opened doors of his house and heart for you. When he is not worried about giving you the key to his home, this means that he fully trusts you. It indicates that he wants you more around him. It also indicates that he actually wants you to move in with him.


From spending more time with you to taking you to private gatherings, if he is trying to make you part of his plans, there are high chances that he is looking for a serious relationship. Be it rich single men or rich single women, these signs hold true for both of them. One can argue that rich single women are good more into having a serious relationship, but this holds true for many rich single men as well.


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